Embedded Linux

Stead Technology specialises in the development of embedded Linux Systems targeting a range of processor architectures such as x86 and ARM based devices.  In addition to traditional processors, Stead Technology are experienced in producing board support packages to target modern FPGA based SOCs including the Zynq family of FPGAs; these platforms offer fantastic cusomisation potential as well as the ability to combine programmable logic with software to develop the optimum solution for any given problem.  

Stead Technology can deliver complete Board Support Packages including u-Boot images, kernel build and custom device drivers along with a complete Yocto based build system and the guidance necessary to use the platform. 

Stead Technology can accelerate your devleopment time by getting your custom hardware running quickly including any application specific device drivers required allowing your teams to focus on core application and business logic.  

Cryptography and Cyber Security

Stead Technology has extensive experience working in the cryptographic and cyber security market space, focussing particulalry on high assurance cryptographic product development.

With diverse threat actors now targeting products and services ranging form consumer IOT devices to enterprise and Government systems, effecitve cryptography and cyber security is a pivotal requirement for all connected solutions.   

Stead Technology understand the risks involved with all aspects of secure solution design including key generation and management, effective cryptographic processes and implemnetation, secure architecture and security procedures.  Stead Technology understand the risks and attack vectors relating to a project and can generate architectures, designs, software and test sttategies to mitigate those risks. 

Stead Technology is experienced in developing solutions to meet CAPS and FIPS security evaluation standards. 

Systems Architecture and Engineering

Stead Technology's diverse skill sets make us an ideal partner to develop the system architectures for your projects.  Stead Technology favour a software / firmware approach based on lean agile methodoligies, combining designs in Enterprise Architect with early software implementations to rigorously prove design concepts and ways of working. These early prototypes can latterly be used to system test and fully verify system functionality.  

However we recognise that Agile does not suit every project or perhaps every stage of a project.  Over the years Stead Technology have worked under a number of different contractual frameworks from waterfall to lean agile methodologies and can work within the needs of any particular project.  Irrespective of programmatic approach, key to the success of any project is an emphatic recognition of all stakeholder needs.  This recognitition allows the development to meet the customer requirements efffectively and avoid costly rework.